Windows Phone 7 Could Arrive Earlier According to AT&T POS

We’ve heard twice in the last couple of weeks that we will be seeing Microsoft [MSFT] launch Windows Phone 7 sometime in October. Prior to that it was expected the launch would be closer to the end of the year.

The first time we heard an October launch date was when the HTC Mozart WP7 device was spotted with a bad photoshop done on a slightly different handset. The second time was at a Microsoft Advertisers event where the company were discussing advertising options as well as how to sell apps etc… Early on in that presentation the October date was also mentioned.

We now see over on Engadget a picture posted that shows some AT&T retail materials relating to Windows Phone 7 which indicates the launch is sometime soon.

The information shared indicates that AT&T stores could be getting a July 24 overhaul that will bring the WP7 posters in to store. We have heard October as one date mentioned above, but we also hear that September for AT&T is also a possibility.

We don’t have too long to wait though to see is the new OS is capable of taking on iOS 4 and Android.

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