Windows Phone 7 Release Date – Coming October 2010?

Microsoft [MSFT] recently spoke at an advertisers event. The video shows that the presentation was mainly about advertising on Windows Phone 7 devices and how it will all work. Features such as being able to link direct to the Windows Market Place so advertisers can send people direct to the application in the store.

An interesting bit of information that was mentioned was a release date. Mich Mathews (the Microsoft VP for marketing) comments later on in the video that the Windows Phone 7 release date will be October. This isn’t the first time we have seen this date and in fact, a badly put together poster just last week also revealed October was the release month for Windows Phone 7.

It certainly appears that Microsoft are being more serious with the Windows Phone 7 launch and getting everything in place. The video below reveals the release date for Windows Phone 7, but primarily discusses the advertising platform and how developers can work with it.

Via: WMPowerUser

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