Apple iOS 4 – New name for iPhone OS 4.0

Apple [AAPL] has announced the iPhone 4 today (more on that in a few moments). As well as announcing the iPhone 4 (not iPhone 4G or iPhone HD), they also announced that iPhone OS 4.0 was being renamed to just iOS 4.

The new iOS 4 brings over 1500 new developer API’s allowing those developers to tap in to a variety of features such as multitasking. Other features included in iOS 4 includes a unified inbox, app folders and a whole range of other tweaks and changes.

After the event is over we’ll give a more in-depth run down of what’s new in iOS 4 of course some of it that we have heard before as it was announced earlier this year.

We also hear that iOS 4 is being launched today for developers to start working with which is great news.

On a sidenote, someone over at GDGT pointed out that iOS is trademark that Cisco owns for the OS used on it’s routers and switches. That should lead to another interesting battle, probably most of it we won’t bother covering until the final decision is made, just like the iPhone trademark issues.

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