Samsung Windows Phone 7 Series Handset was Omnia HD

Yesterday we showed a few phones that were the first handsets to run Windows Phone 7 Series. One of them was a device by Samsung that some believed to be a Samsung Omnia HD (i8910HD). This has now been confirmed although it’s still not clear if the Omnia HD will actually receive a Windows Phone 7 Series update.

The demo used on the phone was just a one off as the phone apparently received a multitouch upgrade with a WVGA screen and a 1GHz chip.

When compared to the original phone it has the same three buttons below the screen that are a requirement although for the demonstration purposes the buttons were relabelled to Start, Search and Back.

With Samsung saying it is unknown that the Omnia HD will get an upgrade we actually believe it will not. If Samsung had to “upgrade” the phone with a new screen and a 1GHz chip then it kind of shows that the original hardware is not up to scratch based on the Windows Phone 7 Series requirements.

Via: Gizmodo

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