Windows Phone 7 Series Devices – The ones So Far

So far there have been three Windows Phone 7 Series devices confirmed so far. Engadget managed to get a picture of all three side by side. (See larger picture below).

The first phone on the left is a Samsung that was first announced just yesterday with the second (middle phone) being an unbranded ASUS device that was first spotted a few weeks back at MWC and then the LG slider phone that was also spotted on the Engadget show a few weeks back.

The Samsung doesn’t have a name yet although it was referred to yesterday as being the Samsung Slate which could have been just referring to it being a large touch-screen device. Either way, we’ll find out the official name soon. The phone it’s self has what is believed to be an OLED screen, 256MB RAM, 8GB Flash and directX9 acceleration.

The Asus phone is a similar device to the Samsung in that it’s a touchscreen based device and uses a virtual keyboard instead of a physical keyboard. Specs for this one will be revealed closer to the time.

Finally the LG slider phone we have already seen and from what we have looked at it’s super slim and has a slide out landscape QWERTY keyboard that slides out to the left of the unit.

It is expected the phones will be made available in the last quarter of the year when Windows Phone 7 Series is finally finished.

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