Samsung Windows Phone 7 Series – 4 to be Launched this Summer

Recently a few phones were displayed at a Windows Phone 7 Series event. One of them was a Samsung device that was later confirmed to be a Samsung Omnia HD that was capable of running Windows Phone 7 Series.

Rumours are now saying that Samsung could be getting four Windows Phone 7 Series devices for launch sometime in the summer although if we look at the release dates that are tentative at the moment, we expect it will be closer to September or even October that the devices will launch. This information comes from a Russian site Mobile Review.

A tweet was also spotted that said the new Samsung handsets, or at least one of them could be using a Super AMOLED screen built by Samsung. I wouldn’t be surprised if all four handsets (if real) were to use the new Super AMOLED screens.

It is unclear at the moment what type of phones will be launched. Based on what we know there are three chassis guidelines from Microsoft [MSFT] that indicate three types of phones that can be launched running their new OS. It is unknown if Samsung will be making a phone in each of the categories or if they will focus on the large touchscreen devices known as Chassis 1.

Although I normally take rumours with a pinch of salt till confirmed, I think we can obviously say that Samsung are working on a handset due to them running some modified hardware last week. However, I do not know if they plan to launch four handsets on the WP7S launch date.

Via: Gaj-It

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