Three Types of Windows Phone 7 Series Planned

Windows Phone 7 Series will be made available on three types of chassis. The first called Chassis-1 are classed as the large touch-screen devices that have a 1GHz snapdragon processor. The next chassis, Chassis-2 are designed to look like Palm Treo devices and will feature a keyboard under the screen. Certain screen aspect ratios have to be used though which means the device will have to reach particular dimensions to get everything just right.

The final version which is Chassis-3 hasn’t been details although some are suggesting it will be a candybar style layout although if a slideout keyboard isn’t present in Chassis-1 or 2 then perhaps Chassis-3 will handle the slide out keyboards.

No “official” details are known just yet although we expect that details will be unveiled in a conference to be held next month for developers so that they can start developing apps based on known hardware.

The information about the 3 chassis system came from the Frankly Speaking pod-cast where a couple of Microsoft developer evangelists were discussing various aspects of the phone. Hopefully all 3 chassis designs will keep users intrigued enough to bring Microsoft [MSFT] out of their sales slump they have been experiencing for the last few years.

Via: SlashGear


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