Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S) Could Launch July 15 on T-Mobile

Earlier today we mentioned that the Samsung Captivate was landing on AT&T [T] in the US on July 18. The Captivate is a Galaxy S phone re-branded for the AT&T network. Likewise, the Samsung Vibrant is also a Galaxy S phone but T-Mobile branded. However, the T-Mobile version seems to be launching a few days earlier on July 15.

The original date for T-Mobile was July 21, which means the new release date is almost a week earlier than originally planned.

If the change of launch date does happen, it will land on the same day as the Motorola DROID X which indicates that Samsung / T-Mobile are trying to put an alternative option in the way of potential DROID X buyers.

The phone it’s self scores well in reviews. It has a fast processor and GPU that can shift three times more triangles per second when compared to the Google Nexus One. The 4 inch AMOLED screen is said to be excellent and the device looks to be an all-round good device. There’s also information going around indicating that the Galaxy S series of devices will get an Android 2.2 update about a month after launch although it isn’t clear if carriers will modify the Android OS code which generally delays updates.

We’ll keep an eye on this one and let you know if the date officially changes or not.

Via: CNET and UberGizmo

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