Flash 10.1 Demo on the Motorola DROID X

On July 15 the Motorola DROID X officially launches. When it does launch, it will come pre-installed with Google Android 2.1. The following month (August), the Android 2.2 update will be rolled out OTA allowing users to install Adobe Flash 10.1.

Adobe decided to tease potential DROID X owners by demonstrating how Flash 10.1 runs on the device. The company demo a few games which easily run full screen by tapping on them. The results are quite impressive and provide full screen action that Adobe said can be easily mistaken for a full fledged app running on the device.

Check out the video demonstration below showing Flash running and how it handles on the new smartphone…

Via: Droid Life


  1. Beth Mahoney says

    I can’t wait to see the flash on this phone. Android 2.1 is nice and I expect huge things from Android 2.2 when they do the over the air update. Add to that the tethering capabilities of this phone, Swype, and the Google maps free GPS, I think this phone is gonna be a home run..

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