Samsung Galaxy S Available for Pre-Order in Germany

Amazon in Germany has made the Samsung Galaxy S available for pre-order on it’s site. The Galaxy S can be pre-ordered and will cost ‚¬649 when launched. The smartphone of course, will be unlocked.

The Samsung Galaxy S has a 1GHz ARM processor that is based on the Hummingbird design and is supposed to be faster than the similar spec 1GHz Snapdragon CPU that’s more commonly used in new smartphones.

The Galaxy S has a 4.1 inch display and uses a Super AMOLED touchscreen that provides amazing visuals on the device. The camera is capable of capturing video at a HD resolution of 720p.

When launched the Samsung Galaxy S will run Android 2.1 although we expect an update to the new Android 2.2 AKA FroYo will follow soon after.

The Galaxy S is a powerful smartphone that is very capable when it comes to the graphics side of things. In recent tests comparing it to the Google Nexus One and the Apple iPhone, the device could shift three times more triangles per second than the closest device.

Available for pre-order now at Amazon DE.

Via: Pocket Now

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