Samsung Galaxy S to launch in 110 Countries Simultaneously

The Samsung Galaxy S is set to launch in 110 countries around the globe on the same day. The exact date isn’t known but is believed to be sometime this month (ie, June).

We already have seen Vodafone in the UK put up a page about the Samsung Galaxy S heading to it’s network. We also saw Amazon in Germany recently setup a pre-order page for the smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S is an impressive device. It has a super crisp display known as the Samsung Super AMOLED that uses a new technique to work. The Galaxy S is also fast, perhaps three times faster at rendering triangles than the Google Nexus One. This is thanks to the Hummingbird Chip that it uses inside.

As for technical specs, the device has 16GB of storage built in. It runs Android 2.1, has WiFi and a screen that measures 4 inches. AMOLED of course.

Unfortunately Samsung hasn’t confirmed this information about a simultaneous launch although if the device is launching this month then it shouldn’t be too long before we get official word on the situation. If true, it will certainly be an impressive launch plan.

Via: Engadget

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