How to Run Android on the HTC HD2

We’ve mentioned before that the HTC HD2 is capable of running Android thanks to some work done by guys over at the XDA Developers forums.

The reasons you might want to install Android on a Windows Mobile device is that the hardware is great but the current OS is just bad. It also won’t be eligible for a Windows Phone 7 update leaving users with Windows Mobile 6.5.

If you are unsure how you can put Android 2.1 on the HTC HD2 designed for Windows Mobile 6.5, check out the details below. They must be followed step by step as doing anything like this voids warranty and has the potential to make your HD2 in to an expensive brick.

The update requires you have about 600MB of free space on your SD card and that you download and copy over a file. Full details of where to grab the file can be found at Examiner who also go over the next steps to get Android running. Rather than rehash the instructions, check them out now and good luck!


  1. lassina keita says

    Of course the HD2 is a great phone but with the microsoft os6.5 it can’t work as I like. So thank for giving your contribution to How I can flash and install the Android

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