HTC HD2 Android Download Now Ready

Some decent progress has been made over the past couple of weeks with getting the HTC HD2 running Google Android. Progress accelerated when a CPU bug was patched that prevented HaRET from loading up. HaRET is needed for booting the Linux-kernel so that Android can be installed.

Just on Thursday the team who got HaRET working also managed to get Android 2.1 and Windows Mobile 6.5 booting side by side.

We now hear that Android for the HTC HD2 is ready for download over at XDA Developers. The thread is quite long, but contains all the details and progress notes that you’ll need to get Android or any other Linux based OS installed on to the HTC HD2.

The builds are very early in testing stages which means you shouldn’t really bother with installing them if you want to use Android on your HD2 on a day to day basis. Also, make sure you be careful and follow all steps to the letter to avoid bricking your HD2.

What we have heard previously is that so far Android works well with some things although like the iPhone running Android, there’s just a little bit too much that isn’t right or ready for using as your main phone.

If you install Android on your HD2, let us know how it goes.


  1. i was able to run android on my hd2 (by following the xda thread). the only problem i am facing right now is that it hangs after 1 or 3 minutes of usage.

  2. The Devs have done an incredible job without any help from HTC (hint) but Its a very early alpha build, not much works except the OS and the graphics drivers.
    A few builds have working GSM so you can send texts.
    No Camera, No sound, No Microphone, so dont go expecting a replacement for windows mobile yet.

  3. I’m using android on my hd2 on a daily basis. It seem to run ok from time to time. If you could please fix the following issues it would be great, battery drain, loss of Mega pixels on the camera, the freeze up on the screen (happens occasionally), the screen blacked out on me twice. That’s about it. Thanks

  4. I love my hd2 now. I went from an iphone to an hd2 and was unhappy at first. I put different roms on it and then put android 2.2 on it and i ain’t looking back…

  5. Hey, how can i dowload this application – “Android for HTC HD2” ?

  6. Do the buttons on the phone still work when you put android on it? Because when i friend bought the HD2 and put Android on it, his buttons didnt work?

  7. where can i go to download Andriod 2.2 for my htc hd2 please helpp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I’ve been running Android 2.2 on my HD2 for a few weeks now. So much better than WinMo 6.5. The only real issue has been battery life. If I use WiFi &/or GPS the phone won’t last a whole day.

    To answer Brett C’s question, all the buttons work just fine on mine.

  9. I also tried froyo2.2 on the HTC HD2 but i am not able to hear the voices properly. I cant hear the people talking on the other side. Also, i think that there is no ringtone in the build. The incoming call only gives the vibratator indication.

  10. for me im using android with hd2 for last 6 months and im very very happy with it, seriously it made my phone usefull :P.

  11. hello frnds…..i cudn’t find out the link to download
    android 2.2 on my htc hd2 so if u have then plz mail on my mail id
    [email protected]……thnx

  12. Frustrated says

    So I downloaded this and used it for a few weeks and all of a sudden the android files don’t work. I have tried deleting and uninstalling it but it says that it cannot open the CLRCAD or the HARET files .. my phone says “The file ‘CLRCAD’ cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. If the problem persists, try reinstalling or restoring this file.” … Please help!

  13. Just got my hd2 running on android and I freaken love it. I’ve had blackberrys n an iPhone but non of them could even come close to how much I like this phone now.. the only thing is that my battery does drain pretty quick but other than that its awesome!!

  14. Kassemalsaad says

    can some please give me the download linkk

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  16. Hassan Medani says

    how can i backup my wi fi

  17. Emile_h_karam says

    i try it on my htc hd2.. but camera dont work … even when try to call, i should click on the screen to get the number screen … thats all……..

  18. mail me the web link for free android os for my htc hd2

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