Refunds Issued by Apple for GameStore App

Over the new year, Apple accidentally released an app called GameStore that was very unfinished. It was believed to be from 2009 at about the time in-app purchases were made available. Apple [AAPL] shortly after pulled the app from the store. A number of people paid for the app to see what it was.

We now have word from Apple that they are refunding those who purchased the app.

You recently purchase the GameStore app. The app was made available for sale prematurely. We apologize for the problem and have refunded the purchase amount back to your account. These funds will be applied to your original payment method within 5 business days.

iTunes Store Customer Support

What is interesting to note is that the app was made available for sale prematurely. Does that mean this is still a work in progress? or is it an old app from 2009 going by the date on the app? We might find out more at the Apple event in the next few weeks.


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