GameStore Test App Accidentally Released by Apple

It appears that Apple has accidentally released a test app in to the App Store. The test app is called GameStore and is a very simple app that appears to test the ability to use in-app purchases on the iPhone. The app costs 99 cents and allows users to test in-app purchases and other than that… it does nothing else.

Although a new media event is being held by Apple at the end of this month in NYC, this app doesn’t appear to be related at all. Instead, it seems that this app actually launched in 2009 and was simply used internally as a test of in-app purchases just before that feature became available in iOS. This explains why the UI is so sparse… with it not being officially launched as it serves no purpose, why bother dressing it up to look good?

We are not sure at the moment why it suddenly appeared, but as it’s a new year perhaps some weird year 2012 bug caused it to automatically publish, or perhaps Apple can publish apps with a future date and they didn’t think to cancel this one off before 2012 arrived.


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