PSP 2 Could get 3G Connection

We are hearing from I4U today that the next generation Sony PSP 2 could get a 3G connection built in. One step that some people are thinking of is the PSP’s leap in to 3D like the Nintendo 3DS although this is unlikely to happen when the nextgen PSP 2 launches.

By building a 3G connection in to the PSP 2 it essentially allows games to be on-line wherever they are to download new games and other content as well as play on-line gaming with others without the need of a wireless hotspot.

As well as providing content and “possible” on-line gaming to the PSP 2, the 3G connection would also let users surf the internet wherever they can pick up a 3G signal.

We do not know much at all about the PSP 2 at the moment although we are expecting a possible announcement later this year to confirm earlier rumours that a PSP 2 is in the works.

When we get more details we’ll pass them along.


  1. do you download 3g or do you have to buy a new psp with 3g stored on it

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