Sony Creating new PSP and Playstation Hardware?

The people at Sony are working on a new Playstation concept according to the Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida.

It isn’t clear at the moment if the new concepts being created are for a new Sony PSP 2 or perhaps even a PS4 although the PSP 2 is the more likely off the two considering the PS3 has a number of years of life left in it yet.

Sony has filed a trademark called Playview that reveal a few features that could be included in the new update…

”Portable electronic device for receiving and reading text and images and sound through wireless Internet access and for displaying electronically published materials, namely, books, journals, newspapers, magazines, multimedia presentations. with an added ‘Computer game software recorded on optical discs.

The optical discs mention could mean the UMD is returning due to the flop of the PSP Go. Perhaps Sony are creating some sort of media device to tackle the iPhone 4. We just don’t have enough information to confirm anything other than that Sony is working on something.

What do you think Sony need to do to create the next best selling device?


  1. Sony can make a PSPhone (PlayStation Mobile Phone), a gaming portable device with phone features! Now I’d buy that rather than iPhone!

  2. I wish it was that PSP on the image, looks so nice and shiny. But I would not buy it for more than £200 for a starting price… People forget that economy aint good at the moment (and dont expect to get any better soon) so of course that many wont buy it, if it is well expensive (unless you either rich or games is the only thing in life for you) – But it would be great a PSP2 – Always loved Sony products, from Playstation1 and good old Metal Gear Solid, til Playstation3 with the awesome Metal Gear Solid 4 and PSP with the cool MGS Portable Ops – Come on sony, give us a great PSP2 for a fair price! (thumbs up) 😉

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