Sony PSP2 Leaks Continue – 3G, Touchscreen and More

Last week we heard that the Sony PSP2 was being planned for a launch later this year. More information has been found relating to a PSP2 and what we can expect to see in the launch (which will now happen early next year).

First off, it is now believed that the PSP2 will not be revealed at E3… instead, it will arrive at a slightly later date. It is believed that NDA’s have been signed for a few months now at certain publishers who will be developing games for the system.

On to the technical specs. We first hear that the PSP2 will have two cameras with one facing forwards and one facing back. Perhaps this will allow video calls to be made due to a rumoured 3G connection that will be built in.

Next up we hear that the Sony PSP2 will have a touch-screen although it will not rid the regular buttons found on a PS controller or the PSP.

Physical media is expected to be dropped with games being downloadable over WiFi or a built in 3G connection. Games for the PSP2 are already being made in the UK right now even with some of them already being dropped.

Finished units are believed to exist although no one who was spoken to has seen the final PSP2.

Finally we hear that the PSP2 will be based on a four-core Cell CPU making it very powerful. The PS3 for example runs an eight-core version of the chip. With the lower screen res we could see some almost PS3 performance depending on what else is included in terms of a GPU and whatever else goes in to the makings of a portable handheld.

It is expected that information could be revealed on June 15 although this date might be a little too early. We’ll find out for sure next month.

Via: VG247

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