Microsoft Windows Phone 7 on 30 Million Handsets by end of 2011

Microsoft [MSFT] has put out a prediction which says that Windows Phone 7 will be on 30 million handsets by the end of 2011. The information comes from a slide presentation shown at ReMIX in Paris France recently.

The sales of 30 million handsets with Windows Phone 7 installed comes from a couple of areas. First is a prediction that the smartphone industry will rise from 14% this year to 40% by next year along with a mix of what Microsoft believes it can sell in the next 18 months (or however short that duration is based on when it launches).

Challenges of course come from the likes of iPhone OS 4.0 that is launching perhaps next month, and Google Android which is seeing 100,000 devices a day being shipped at the moment.

Since Apple [AAPL] launched the iPhone there have been 51.2 sales in the almost 3 year life span. Rumours about a CDMA version launching in the US this year along with the iPhone 4G and discounted 3GS devices could potentially boost that number by another 40 million.

There’s certainly going to be a lot of competition by this time next year which makes you wonder how the smaller propriety OS’s are going to fare. The big 3 seem to be Apple, Android and Windows Phone 7 when it launches with webOS showing a lot of potential although right now it seems underused.

We should take a look back at this post on Jan 1 2012 to see how close the predictions were.

Via: Coated

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