iPhone OS 4.0 Release Date

Update: Apple has just announced that iPhone OS 4.0 (which has been renamed to iOS 4) will be launched on June 21. Click here for details.

Earlier today Apple [AAPL] announced iPhone OS 4. In the presentation they said the iPhone OS 4.0 release date was to be summer while the Apple iPad will get it in the fall, a few months later.

Reasons for the iPad delay are still unknown although we suspect they are tweaking iPhone OS 4.0 for the iPad to work things a little differently such as how the multitasking tray works.

With Apple only specifying summer as the iPhone OS 4.0 release date, that obviously puts it somewhere in June, July or August. We currently believe that the next gen iPhone (aka iPhone 4G or iPhone HD) is going to be announced early in summer, so we suspect that the iPhone OS 4.0 will be released along with the next gen iPhone.

Of course many people will be waiting for the update and an exact date, but unfortunately we just don’t know it yet. However, as soon as we do find out we’ll post an update to keep you in the loop.


  1. This is gonna be a great update.

    It’s got multi-tasking, folders, iBooks – jailbreaking should be a must-do on this thing!

  2. geohotz as already been to work on the new ipad, ipt unteathered so it seems jailbreak will be no problem once OS4.0 is released, good to see geo as put down his work on the pd3 and started handling the ever popular apple jailbreaks

    • yo nitro. theres already an unteathered jailbreak called spirit. i use it now. and it also works for 3.1.3. however i dont know about the carrier unlock. some saay it has a carrier unlock, some say it doesnt so yea

  3. Patel Dishant says

    hi ,
    i have version 3.1.2 with baseband 05.12 and boot loader 6.08 so,

    any solution for this is avaliable . plz send me the solution if avaliable

    • Gordon Banks says

      Actually for baseband 05.12 and bootloader 6.08 won’t be unlocked.all you can do is to jailbreak it but you can’t unlock it for now.so you got to wait till a new firmware 4.0 is out which is soon.But if you was running on baseband 05.12 and your bootloader is less than 6,that would be unlocked.

  4. Im sure it going to be out on june 7-11 (during wwdc10) ohh man į cant wait.

  5. yer guys new iphone the bomb

  6. the new iphone will have a 12 mega pixal camera oh yeah



  8. When will they release the unlock for iphone 3gs 3.1.3 with baseband at 5.12.01?

  9. michael morgan says

    will you be able to use saved pictures as your theme

  10. VTRenegade says

    I never say much online, but all the guessing and rumors over the past few months regarding the release of the new iPhone whatever apple chooses to call it have driven me nuts because it is just a bunch of wishy washy repetitive crap. Finally I am willing to make a statement of my own as an iPhone 3GS user, and huge fan I clearly believe that Apple will release the 4.0 OS TOMORROW!

    Mark my words I made this simple conclusion based upon one fact, and one fact only. Whenever I back up, and snyc my phone it tells me my software is up to date, and it shows me in iTunes a future date, that it will check for available software updates next. Usually that date is I believe roughly two weeks out. Today when I connected my phone to my pc I noticed when I was done that the fture next available software check in date was not two weeks out but instead it is in fact 06-07-2010. Coincidence? Maybe, but I find it highly unlikely since I was informed of the release of the 3.0 OS days in advance by an Apple Tech, and sure enough as we got closer these dates that it would check again became limited to the future date that they released OS 3.0.

  11. VTRenegade says

    Today will bring the release of OS 4.0 anyone who owns an iPhone and who synced it last night would
    clearly see that today is Apple’s intenedes release date for the new 4.0 OS. iTunes gives the next date it will again check for new software releases. Usually tuis date is a few weeks put after each update but last night my next available software check up date was only 1 day away thy tells me without a doubt 4.0 is being released today.

    What amazes me as I have posted comments all over the web between last night and today and not one person has even commnted back about my theory. Oh well I guess everyone must be very busy with all the rumor that when something that is a fact comes out no one knows how to react.

  12. im not sure but i googled a 5.12.01 unlock for iphone users at 3.1.3 and i found this one article about a guy who had found an exploit on uinlocking at 5.12.01. his twitter name is sherif hashim and he sent this unlock to musclenerd at the dev team and he aproved it was working.they say that they wont release this unamed unlock until the iphone os 4.0 is released because some stupid reason.the new os is suppose to come out tomrow at june 8 so i got my hopes up

  13. hey i was wondering when we are going to be able to unlock the iphone 3g on 5.12.01 baseband ?

  14. RobbDogg says

    wow im using fist gen. and its cracked sceen is out of controll i have my money saved and ready for an update i really cant wait for this fone to come out

  15. thanksfortheinfo says

    The title reads “iPhone OS 4.0 Release Date”

    The article reads “Of course many people will be waiting for the update and an exact date, but unfortunately we just don’t know it yet.”

  16. Hi all,

    Yay its arrived in the UK just now I think. clicked on check updates first when i started up said 3.1.3 is the lastet version just this second checked again and version 4 is availble to download. So way you go guys 😀



  18. In Singapore , it is already released . around 18 minutes ago. YAY !

  19. Any news for Sweden?

  20. Got it now!

  21. Little Jimmy says

    Yaaay! I’m going to Hawaii. Yaaay! I’m going to Hawaii. Yaaay!

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