Mac Mini Teardown

On Monday Apple [AAPL] launched the iPhone 4 as we all know about. The same day the new Mac Mini was introduced which now comes with a unibody and a HDMI port.

iFixit has managed to get hold of one, despite all the systems going down for a while on Monday, and have torn it down to see exactly what’s going on inside it.

Some things to note is that the new Mac Mini (mid 2010 model) is slimmer in height but slightly wider than the previous model. The power supply is now internal which gets rid of the brick used on previous models to keep it powered.

The casing is unibody as mentioned above and is machined from a single block of aluminium. To get inside the Mac Mini was simple in that no tools were needed to crack it open. A simple twist opened it up.

The RAM on the Mac Mini can easily be removed with just a couple of clips. The Mac Mini runs on less than 10 watts when idle and the fan sits quiet most of the time.

In terms of power the Mini power supply does 7 amps at 12V which is a lot lower than the 25.8 amps at 12V of the huge iMac 27 inch Intel machine. Of course that powers the huge screen, so it is expected to be a larger PSU there.

More pictures can be found over at iFixit along with the full tear down step by step details.

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