Apple Store Goes Down under iPhone 4 Launch Pressure

It seems like a huge amount of people are trying to pre-order an iPhone 4 since the smartphone became available this morning. Right now the store is down and many errors have been seen along the order process with what seems to be few people actually managing to send Apple [AAPL] money.

Apple are obviously aware of this and hopefully will bring the site back up soon. In the UK we are still expecting carriers to update their pages and allow pre-orders, but for now we are just stuck with the “We’ll be back soon” message.

The we’ll be back soon message is also currently effecting the US store also. For those in the US you do have the option of ordering direct through AT&T where the page can be found over here.

For those in the UK we are stuck till Apple get things working as carriers are not taking pre-orders at the moment and might not be till later tonight. We have also heard that carriers might not be taking any pre-orders leaving things as a mad rush on June 22nd as we get the orders in on time to be shipped to arrive on June 24. Hopefully someone will announce what’s going on over here in the UK as it seems a bit of a mess right now.

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