LG to Focus on Handsets that Run Windows Phone and Android

Mobile phone company LG in the past have focussed on their own operating system running S-Class. Although it worked quite well, it always had a few niggles inside that made it frustrating to use with some screen transitions not being as smooth as the iPhone for example. Their hardware for a long time has always been top notch though. Following their own OS they then switched to making Windows Mobile devices with the S-Class interface on top.

LG made an announcement that they are not in the market of developing their own proprietary OS. Instead, they will focus more on the handsets that will run either Google [GOOG] Android or Windows Phone 7 Series. This is good news as both the OS’s mentioned are being heavily developed by dedicated teams and in the terms of Android (the only one of the two currently available), it is making serious steps forwards in to becoming in the “top 3” mobile phone operating systems.

It’s interesting to note that LG have made the decision not to use Symbian as one possibility. Going back to Microsoft… up till last week, it seemed that Microsoft [MSFT] were loosing their share of the mobile market place but with the launch of a completely new Windows operating system (windows phone 7 series) that was built from the ground up it really does seem they are back in the game although we will reserve a final opinion till we have our hands on the final version of the software to see if it really is as finger friendly as it looks in the current beta versions. With LG opting to choose this operating system they could build some seriously nice hardware and leave the OS “hopefully” to a company who gets it right. Via: PhoneArena

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