Will Windows Phone 7 Series Fix this Problem?

The graph above represents three mobile phone OS’s in competition with each other. Back in December 2006, Microsoft [MSFT] appeared to be the king of U.S. smartphone market share with just short of 35% of the market which rose slightly after that but then started to fall down on a steel slope till in December 2009 it hit a low of 17% share with RIM taking the top spot and Apple [AAPL] being somewhere in between.

Windows Phone 7 Series was announced this Monday just gone and Microsoft are hoping that this graph can be fixed.

Right now it seems Microsoft are struggling and if they don’t do something quick to fix it then it might not be long till their share is completely irrelevant. Will Windows Phone 7 Series be able to do that? Possibly. They appear to have done a great job in creating something completely new that’s not based on a 10 years old operating system. Their interface looks good, the phone is finger friendly and transitions between apps and functions seems to be smooth.

This time next year we should have a far better picture on where Microsoft stand although Apple are more than likely to introduce a 4th Gen iPhone later this year which could further make competition more difficult for Microsoft.

Via: SlashGear

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