JooJoo Now Shipping to Arrive Monday March 29

Last week the JooJoo shipping pages on their website showed that the device was ready to be shipped. Confirmation has now arrived and apparently the JooJoo is now shipping to those who have pre-ordered the device for $499.

Fusion Garage made the official announcement via a press release saying that delivery of the tablets should happen on Monday 29th March.

The JooJoo has a 12.1 inch capacitive touch screen which also has the claim of being the largest capacitive touch screen on tablet style devices. The JooJoo also runs Flash 10.1 and allows users to comfortably surf the internet from the arm chair.

The JooJoo was supposed to launch last month although a couple of problems cause a delay of a month to occur. In that time the JooJoo user interface was updated as well as the problems being fixed. It appears that all is good now due to the launch date being now.

It’s great to see the company finally making progress and actually launching the device that has been in the pipe line for a couple of years now. Until last November the JooJoo was called the CrunchPad, but due to problems between Fusion Garage and the guys at TechCrunch the latter company was dropped and in early December the device was renamed the JooJoo.

It will be interesting to see some first reviews of the JooJoo and how it performs vs the likes of the Apple iPad that follows it’s launch just a few days later.

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