JooJoo Gets a User Interface Upgrade before Launch

The JooJoo was scheduled to launch a few weeks back originally set for an end of February launch. We then heard it was being pushed to late March. This extra month has given the JooJoo creators a chance to fix issues with the capacitive touchscreen as well as give the user interface a little overhaul.

Previously the user interface looked quite basic with line art covering a solid colour background. The new UI has been spruced up to give the icons a more rendered look along with wall paper that can be customised.

Gestures have also received a few changes with the JooJoo now using a swipe to access the home screen from what was previously a pinch gesture.

Scrolling is now better too with a two-finger scroll feature that lets the screen be dragged around as needed.

The on-screen virtual keyboard has also received an update with the JooJoo now using an optional smaller keyboard that can be moved around the screen to uncover blocked content as well as be operated with one hand.

We also hear that flash is fully working and can now load up videos from places such as YouTube. H.264 HD video can also be played as it could before the update in a breakout window.

The final change is the colour of the device which was black originally. This for some reason has now been changed to a champagne colour.

Via: Engadget and eHomeUpgrade


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