iPhone 4 UK Still Shipping July 2 – US July 14

Yesterday we saw a couple of date changes to the pre-order shipping dates for the iPhone 4 UK model and US model. Changed dates simply means the company has sold out of it’s first allocation of stock and that new pre-orders will get the iPhone at a slightly later date. 600,000 were pre-ordered on day one making it an eventful day with several outages.

For those wanting an iPhone 4 in the US, the current date for you is still at July 14 unless you manage to pick one up in store on the June 24 launch date.

For those in the UK wanting an iPhone 4 the date is still July 2 which hasn’t changed for over 24 hours now indicating pre-orders might be slowing down a little while people wait for the carriers to finally launch their pricing for the handset. Only the Orange iPhone 4 price is known at the moment although O2 launched tariff details last week and the Vodafone iPhone 4 price was leaked earlier this week (although the pricing could change when made official).

Where will you be getting your iPhone 4? are you going to brave the queues or order online and get it later?

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