iPhone 4 UK Pre-orders Now Shipping July 2

If you were planning on pre-ordering a SIM free iPhone 4 in the UK this week then you will now need to wait an extra week before it ships to you.

After yesterdays server problems at Apple [AAPL] due to the high amount of people wanting to order the iPhone 4, it somehow magically seems that they have shifted the first shipment of the smartphone. We now see on the Apple store that new iPhone 4 pre-orders are not shipping till July 2 making those who left it too long wait an extra week.

It is unclear why carriers are yet to open their pre-order pages, especially with Apple selling their first batch of pre-orders in less than a day.

What’s also interesting to see is that the iPhone 4 for collections seem to be generally out too. If you hunt around the Apple stores on site you might find a place where you can reserve it, but shortly after publishing this post we noticed that stores are depleted in stocks for reservations too.

Lets hope the carrier pages launch soon where a new batch of pre-orders can be made.

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