iPhone 4 UK Price – O2 Reveal Tariffs, 1GB Data Limit and no Handset Price Yet

O2 is slowly pushing out information each day ready for the iPhone 4 UK launch. However, we still do not know the iPhone 4 UK price just yet. Good news (or not so good when we go in to more detail) is that the iPhone 4 UK O2 tariffs are now online. The bad news is that the limits for data usage are quite strict in that the top plan limits you to just 1GB of data per month.

The tariffs offered come in 18 or 24 month durations with the 24 month cheapest plan being £25/month. For that you get 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data.

The higher end 18 and 24 month contracts see you paying up to £65/month (18 month) or £60/month (24 month) but each of those plans restricts you to just 1GB of data per month although you do get unlimited minutes and texts out of that plan.

We can’t say O2’s plans are the best or worst as the other four carriers have yet to announce what they will offer. However, a 1GB data cap might seem a bit too small for some people, so it’s best to check out other networks before deciding. Of course we have to wait till Tuesday 15 before making any decisions anyway as you can’t order the tariffs yet until the iPhone 4 is ready for pre-order.

On a side note, data overages appear to be charged at £5 for 500Meg and £10 for 1GB.

Just a quick update to the O2 data tariffs, the company has commented that 3% of it’s 21 million customers are using 36% of the data capacity. What we don’t know is how many of those 3% are iPhone owners meaning that if you own an iPhone you are more likely to go over the limit. Time will tell.

Full tariff details can be found over on the O2 site.


  1. Is the data caps not a step backwards in tech? Is this somthing we used to worry about but should not now? what’s going on ?

  2. It’s a shame…those new plans make me sick….

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