iPhone 4 UK Coming to Three

The Three network in the UK has stepped up by now saying it will also offer the iPhone 4 in the UK when it launches. The network joins the other four main networks in the UK which are O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

Just like the other four networks, the iPhone 4 UK on Three has yet to receive pricing details although we expect to hear within the next few days, possibly tomorrow in preparation for the June 15 pre-orders starting.

The only network who seems to be hinting on the iPhone 4 UK price at the moment is O2 who has created a micro site with details on how much you pay to get out of your contract. We also have seen some hints that O2’s pricing will follow that of the iPhone 3GS when that launched.

As for the iPhone 4 price for Three, we are unsure at the moment where they will go with it as this is the first time the company has offered the iPhone on their network. We do suspect that they will be more generous with data plans though like they were with the iPad UK tariffs.

We will keep our eye out on all the main networks and provide updates as they happen in terms of the iPhone 4 UK price. Remember that one way to get a better price could be to recycle your old iPhone.

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