Apple iPhone 4 UK – O2 Early Upgrade Details Announced

The Apple iPhone 4 is launching in just a couple of weeks. However, the iPhone 4 UK pricing has yet to be revealed. What we do have though is details for those on O2 network wanting to upgrade to the iPhone 4.

O2 suggest three ways to get an iPhone 4. The first is to take advantage (or disadvantage?) of their early upgrade offers. O2 is offering those with a current O2 contract the ability to upgrade early for a “small” fee. The O2 early upgrade calculator can be found here and from what we can figure out, it seems to add £20/month for each month you have left on your contract although if your contract ends before August you won’t pay any extra fees. After that, each month ads an extra £20 to the cost of upgrade, so if your contract ends 17 December this year, you’ll pay £100 inc VAT on top of what you pay for the iPhone 4.

The second option is to buy a Pay as you Go iPhone and request a microSIM from O2 and finally the third “amazing” option is to just wait.

All three options will seem disappointing to some, but for those within a few months of their contract it might be worth paying out £40 to you.

What we don’t know is how much the iPhone 4 will actually cost both pay as you go and subsidised. We’ll keep an eye on that and also monitor the other three networks who are selling the iPhone 4. We suspect we wont hear till a few days before June 15 when pre-orders open up though.

The full “how to upgrade” details can be found here.

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