iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS Screen Comparison

One of the biggest features of the iPhone 4 from Apple [AAPL] is the new screen used which they call the Retina Display. The retina display has four times the amount of pixels when compared to the older iPhone models. This, according to Apple, makes it impossible to see the individual pixels when using the device at a normal distance away from your eyes.

There’s been a few complaints about Apple’s claim, but I think the picture above (larger below and even larger when clicked on) really shows what the new resolution is all about. We’ll wait until we see the iPhone 4 screen for ourselves, but from samples we have seen and side-by-side comparison pictures on the internet, it certainly looks very impressive.

What are your thoughts? Has Apple created an impressive screen? We certainly think it looks that way.

We are still waiting for the iPhone 4 UK price and expect that either late today or tomorrow when pre-orders open up. Order early if you want yours delivering by June 24 so you can see for yourself how the retina display looks.

Image Credit Via: Scobelizer

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