iPhone 4 Retina Display attacked by Samsung

The Apple iPhone 4 retina display has come under attack from Samsung who argue that quadrupling the resolution of the iPhone screen would have little impact on the quality. Samsung quoted a three to five percent increase in clarity.

Samsung also commented that the IPS screen used by Apple [AAPL] could also drain the battery as much as 30 percent. The Super AMOLED screen used on the Galaxy S is said to be better in that it doesn’t require the battery draining backlight of the IPS screen. The AMOLED screen also has true black and more accurate colours making it look better all around and from all viewing angles.

Although Samsung has attacked Apple on this (of course they would with the launch of the Galaxy S), the AMOLED screen isn’t without it’s flaws either such as problems in daylight and high cost to produce.

I think we’ll see the real comparisons when both devices are held side by side so that the true effect of both technologies can be compared. There are just a couple of weeks left now for the iPhone 4 UK launch when we will pick one up and see what all the fuss is about.

Via: Electronista

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