iOS 5.0.1 Battery Fix Update Appears to Solve the Problem

It appears that the beta testing of iOS 5.0.1 is going extremely well with regards to the battery issues in iOS 5. One user reports the results of the update by saying “Frankly the difference is nothing short of amazing”. This particular version of the beta software being tested was running on a Verizon iPhone 4 which the user said after updating to iOS 5 had some severe battery problems. These are now gone.

After installing iOS 5 the user saw drops of about 10 – 15 percent in battery usage per hour which of course means it wouldn’t even last a whole day. After installing iOS 5.0.1 beta his battery drops about 4 or 5 percent per hour which gives about 25 hours use on a single charge. Another user has commented that he now charges his phone every other day with the iOS 5.0.1 update.

Apple has introduced fixes to the battery in the new update which is currently in testing by developers. As well as developers testing this version, Apple has opened up the software to a few select users who were seeing the problems who spoke about it in the forums. Although a lot of feedback has been good, some others are not convinced that the problems are fixed yet with one particular user getting around 6 hours per charge.

Expect the 5.0.1 update to be made available in the next few weeks, hopefully by the end of November.

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