iPhone Call Mute Issue Upsetting Users

When the iPhone 4S launched a few months ago, a few problems were found such as battery life issues for a number of users as well as what has become known as Audiogate. Audiogate is the issue of outbound calls being muted for some users in some cases.

Apple has acknowledged the battery issues and created iOS 5.0.1 to fix these and then moved on to iOS 5.1 (still in Beta) to try fix the rest. Unfortunately, Audiogate hasn’t been looked at yet from what we understand. The new iOS 5.1 beta doesn’t appear to do anything to fix it and Apple hasn’t spoken up about the issue yet. This is causing some upset… currently 109 pages of upset in the Apple forums.

I’ve personally not had an issue with outbound calls being muted on my 4S so I’m not sure how bad it gets, but some users are reporting it’s next to impossible to make outbound calls. Temporary workarounds include using the headset for calls. Obviously not a permanent solution.

The only bit of advice that can be given is that some users have seen success with a full restore of the iPhone, particularly when the bug relates to the iPhone 4. But, until we hear more from Apple… or at least something, it seems like those with the issue will continue to see problems until Apple addresses it.


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