HTC HD2 Getting Ready for Launch on T-Mobile?

T-Mobile in the US posted a brief message on Twitter relating to the HTC HD2. The message says… ‘Think you know the HTC HD2? Guess again¦ Stay tuned for more next week.

Although it doesn’t give anything away it certainly indicates something is happening with the HD2 on their network which we have been waiting for recently.

The HTC HD2 is believed to be launching on the network sometime in March, but perhaps this cryptic message means they will be launching it early.

One final very way out thought is that with the sneaky revealing of Windows Phone 7 Series earlier today, perhaps T-Mobile are announcing that their version will launch with Windows Phone 7 installed. This rumour or thought is unlikely though due to WM7 being expected later on this year closer to September than next month.

What will be interesting to find out is if in fact it has more ROM and RAM like earlier screen shots revealed. Having the extra memory on board should certainly make that 1GHz Snapdragon more snappy.

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