Windows Phone 7 Series – Name for WM7

MWC is about to start in Barcelona and as expected, a number of companies have already set up displays with one of them being Microsoft. Engadget managed to capture a picture of one of the banners that Microsoft [MSFT] have set up which just says Windows Phone with something underneath that is covered with a sticker, which we assume covers the “official name” of WM7.

Thanks to the photoshop skills of someone at Engadget, the image was adjusted to actually reveal what’s behind the sticker and shows what appears to be the official full name of WM7 which is Windows Phone 7 Series.

Although the number 7 is no big surprise at all, it does make you wonder what’s going on with the Series part of the name. Perhaps breakouts in to pro, media, home versions of the software will be seen.

All will be revealed for sure on Monday when the official event is held which will now more than likely reveal the full name as Windows Phone 7 Series and what it all actually means.


  1. Adrian Jenkins says

    Microsoft has stolen the ‘7 Series’ moniker from BMW.

    However, in Microsoft’s case, I think it would have been more appropriate to call it ‘Final Series’. I think Windows Mobile 7 will spell the end for Windows Mobile. If it fails to find love with software developers, it doesn’t stand a chance.

    Most devs have already abandoned Microsoft in mobile, and are concentrating on Android and iPhone.

  2. naveed abbasi says

    microsoft will get into business. ething we are seeing right now in the field of SOFTWARE is only due to microsoft. they started the game and they know how to rise on occasions. there may be some halt in inovation by dem, bu u will soon find that they are the real masters. i think the HUB concept is far more catching than apps scattered all over teh screen. i was seeing the ipad and it looked a bit ugly with little apps on the main screen. if instead it uses HUB like thing who cool it will look i.e more composed and pro look. microsoft should throw something like ipad into the market right now coz waiting and seeing sometimes misses u da good flight.
    hope for windows phone’s success. but please do put copy paste option as well as multitasking coz without copy paste you will lose marketshare.

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