HTC HD2 Arrives March 24 on T-Mobile

An image was posted on the ppcgeeks forum that shows the alleged date for the HTC HD2 to launch on the T-Mobile network in the US. The date shown on the image says we can expect the phone on March 24. No other information on the HD2 is provided other than it being Windows mobile based.

From what we learned recently, it seems like the HTC HD2 might come with some extra RAM and ROM which some say could be a preparation for Windows Mobile 7 although other hidden memory was recently found on other versions of the phone. It will be interesting to see if the T-Mobile version of the HD2 is the same as others when launched.

Back to the image, we also see several other phones that are due to launch in the coming months which includes the Moto Cliq XT (also known as the Zeppelin), the Nokia Nuron and Samsung Gravity 2 as well as others.

One thing to note is that the image shown above (and larger below) hasn’t come from an official source although there doesn’t seem to be too much out of line from what we have heard in rumours before, so perhaps we can expect the HD2 towards the end of March.

Via: tmonews


  1. TMobile should focus on providing a better experience with Android handsets. Give us the HERO… or something of that quality. The Fender a touched up MyTouch does not cut it. Or at least sell the N1. Keep it at the store.

    I am currently in MA and found TMobile coverage is not the same as it is in the midwest. Most likely due to the surrounding hills and lack of coverage that TMobile has.

    Until TMobile improves their coverage issue they wont be a threat to anyone.

    Sprint is looking attractive now.

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