HTC Desire Android 2.2 Update Finally Lands for T-Mobile

Back in June we wrote a post that said that the HTC Desire may be getting itself the new Android 2.2 update around June time, but we did also say that this date was not set in stone…  The SIM free update came just after, early in August. This was followed by the update for Vodafone users. Now that we’re in September, T-Mobile has finally started to push out the Android 2.2 update.

Quite why other mobile devices such as Sony Ericssons’ Xperia X10 are still left out of the loop is anyone’s guess and as soon as we here anything else we’ll let you know.

The update is available as a 90.93MB download, so seeing as this is a larger download to normal, it may be an idea to make sure you’re Wi-Fi connected. Other than that, just make sure to head to your Settings menu, then About Phone and then into System Software Updates and Check Now. You should be able to see a message about the update for Android 2.2 being available.

So what do you get with this update???

For starters you get Flash 10.1 (though you’ll have to enable this through your browser) and secondly you getter much better HTML 5 support as well.

There’s a lot more you’ll be able to do with your new FROYO (Android’s 2.2 name) enabled device so click here for more information. For those who have been looking forward to this update or still on the fence about Android as an OS then please leave us your comments and let us know.

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