HTC Desire to get Android 2.2 Update on June 23

We hear today that the HTC Desire could be getting an Android 2.2 update as early as June 23.

The information comes from a HTC rep who in speaking to a developer at XDA, said that the update would be happening June 23 although he did say that we didn’t hear it from him so to speak.

A number of users complain about Android devices in general not having enough memory to store applications in. I personally have had an Android device where I had to delete applications on it to fit others on. With the new Android 2.2 FroYo update, apps can be moved to the microSD card allowing many more applications to be installed on the device.

The date isn’t set in stone though until an official announcement is made and until the OTA or downloadable updates are available. We have seen before promises of Android updates on other devices and these end up getting delayed a few months. However, if true it will be great for HTC Desire users to be able to run their phones faster and have an all-round better experience with the device.

Via: Gaj-It

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