HP webOS Tablet Coming Q1 2011

We have heard quite a bit from various places about HP’s plans for tablet based devices. It first started off early this year when the HP Slate was mentioned. The device was announced by Microsoft [MSFT] and was set to run a version of Windows 7.

HP then purchased Palm and along with that was webOS. We then heard that the HP Slate was being scrapped in favour of a webOS tablet (possibly called the Hurricane). Android from Google [GOOG] was also mentioned along with plans for another Windows 7 Compact Edition tablet.

The latest we now hear is related to a webOS based tablet from HP. According to Engadget, the webOS based tablet is being launched in the first quarter of 2011, or at least this is what all the staff at HP have been told.

If HP were to make a tablet running webOS, it truly could be a worthy competitor to the iPad. The OS works well and potentially could do very well for HP.

The tablet is referred to internally as the HP Hurricane which we have heard of before. Lets just hope they do get something out sooner rather than later as a lot of companies are making promises about tablets and just not delivering right now.

Via: SlashGear

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