HP Slate to be for Enterprise Customers Only

The HP Slate has been a little evasive since it was first unveiled at the beginning of this year. It started off as a Windows 7 tablet, then that appeared to get killed off in favour of Android and then webOS and again a compact variant of Windows 7 and now it appears that this Windows 7 tablet version is going to be for enterprise customers only and not for general consumers.

The information comes from Todd Bradley from HP who said in regards to the Slate that it would be “more customer-specific than broadly deployed,” and that the Microsoft-based tablet would be “for the enterprise” and probably released in the fall.

In regards to a consumer version, from what we understand, these products will run webOS.

No “official” details are available yet although HP need to announce something sooner rather than later due to the success of the iPad and it having no real competitors at the moment.

Via: Engadget

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