HP Hurricane Tablet to be based on webOS

Several months ago, Microsoft [MSFT] and HP announced that the HP Slate was to launch this year. The device was designed to run Windows 7 and was set to be a large competitor in the tablet arena. Just last week, HP announced that they had shelved the HP Slate which was rumoured to be because of HP buying Palm and potentially a webOS tablet being built.

We now hear that HP will be launching a webOS based tablet that will be called the HP Hurricane and will have a launch date of quarter 3 2010.

No details are available just yet about what the tablet will run in terms of a processor, RAM, storage and connectivity but we have to say that it does sound interesting as we have heard good things about webOS.

Details are a bit on the sparse side at the moment, but now that a name of HP Hurricane has been revealed, we expect that we will hear more in the next month or so as HP will be keen on getting this tablet out considering the impressive start that Apple [AAPL] has had with the iPad.

As soon as we find out more information we’ll post it here and keep you updated.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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