Glasses-Less 3D TV Still Just A Nice Idea

We posted a report not too long ago about the possibility of having 3D TV without the glasses by the end of the year, though our fears materialized just recently on finding reports of Toshiba’s risky venture into glasses-less 3D TV.

As reported by, who attended Toshiba’s 3D demonstration a couple days ago, the demo showed off 3 display units in different sizes (being 12 inches, 20 inches and 56 inches) and according to cnet, “the 3D Regza TV uses the Cell Broadband Engine that takes a 2D image and then simultaneously creates nine images of it from nine different directions, in real time. It’s displayed on a high-definition LED TV”.

So why are we worried? Firstly you need to be standing or sitting pretty close to the TV (uncomfortably close). Secondly, you lose the whole ‘3D’ effect unless you look dead centre of the screen. But this aside, you definitely get the 3D feel though not as crisp and refined as what you’d expect at the cinema.

As far as dates and pricing are concerned, both the 12 inch and 20 inch TV’s will be released to the Japanese market for the end of the year at $1,500 and $2,900 respectively. The 56 inch screen on the other hand is more of a prototype at the moment mainly due to the 3D tech not working so well on the bigger screen at present.

Sorry though as no plans have been made yet to get these to the rest of the world.



  1. Jon Miller says

    Tosh could be looking at a flop if the technology is not refined enough for the full 3D cinema experience they wont sell against 3D TV with glasses. You have to give Toshiba top marks for giving it ago, if they do sort out the problems mentioned in the article they will remove 3Ds only drawback the stylish glasses.

  2. I agree with Jon Miller – congrats to Toshiba for experimenting with glasses free HD however the reality is that tit just doesn’t work. Why buy a 3d tv when you’re not going to get the full cinema experience that you expected? I do feel however that the manufacturers Sony, Samsung, Lg etc are being a bit mean – only 2 pairs of glasses for what could be a £4 grand tv. Add on a few more pairs for the rest of the family and hey presto more profits – They need to take into account the number of adults/children in most homes and supply a relative no of glasses.

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