Android 2.2 On it’s Way

We reported yesterday that Android 2.2 (Froyo) was in the testing stages with a launch date due in the next month or so. Androidandme have pointed out that their stats software (Google Analytics) has already been seeing some traffic from Android 2.2 devices in the last few days as pictured below.

We checked the gadgetvenue statistics and have also noticed a few visitors using the Android 2.2 OS. Androidandme point out that Android builds only get numbered when close to release and with this information showing up in statistics, it appears that it isn’t too far away now.

It isn’t known at the moment what will be arriving for sure in Android 2.2 but what is expected are the following…

* JIT compiler
* Free additional RAM
* OpenGL ES 2.0 enhancements
* Flash 10.1 support
* Fixed problem with ‘crazy screen / Resolution of cross multitouch
* Activation of Color Trackball
* Enable FM radio

Some of these are related to the Nexus One such as the FM Radio which is believed to exist inside, but yet to be activated.

With more traffic appearing from Android 2.2 we expect that it isn’t far away now till the launch of the operating system. At this time it is unclear how quick current phone will be able to get the updates as a lot of that depends on carriers and sometimes they take their time.

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