TomTom for iPhone gets Geo-Tagging

TomTom has added new features to the latest version of TomTom for iPhone. The new version is 1.5 and it brings a few new features which includes optimisation for the iPhone 4, ie, higher res graphics to make use of the Retina Display.

Thanks to the better optimised graphics, the roads and maps are also sharper.

A new feature called Navigate-To-Photo is also included. If you scan through your photos on the iPhone and see one that you want to navigate to (perhaps a park you went to recently), you can tap the photo and navigate to the geo-tagged location on the photo. This of course, assumes that the photo you are looking at has been geo-tagged.

Finally, the new TomTom version includes new maps for you to look at. This is for the US and Canada version and is claimed to have over 1 million miles of roads when compared to competitors.

You can grab the latest version from here.

Via: Gaj-It

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