LG LU7000 Series Launched

LU7000-3LG have launched the new LU7000 series range of LCD TV’s. The LG LU7000 comes with a built in DVD player and is on display now over at IFA in Germany. It is being announced right now and as soon as we get some live pics we’ll post them here. For now you’ll just have to make do with the nice shiny press shots.

The TV comes in 2 sizes of 19 inches and 22 inches and has a high gloss black finish. Thanks to the built in DVD player you get the benefit of only needing the 1 power cable and not having to have a separate player installed. The LU7000 series are not aimed at being your main TV but instead, could be placed in a kitchen or bedroom for example.

The LG LU7000 comes with two HDMI connections allowing other devices such as games consoles or a blu-ray player to be connected if needed. The DVD player is compatible with most file formats allowing you to easily playback a DVD with images or movies stored on it.

The TV is also eco-friendly having a number of energy saving credentials. The LU7000 will go on sale this month in the UK although no price has been suggested yet.

LG LU7000 Features:

* Built-in DVD player
* Invisible speakers
* 2 x HDMI
* USB 2.0 (JPEG / MP3 Playback)
* Energy Saving Recommended
* Built-in Digital Freeview
* 2 x Scart (1 x Full)



Via: LGBlog


  1. Wow~ It can play WMA(windows media file). But it’s not mentioned in the manual.

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