Apple Media Event on September 7 – iPod touch 4, Apple TV, iPad iOS 4

Apple [AAPL] is rumoured to be holding a media event on September 7. At the event it is expected that Apple will announced a new iPod touch 4, Apple TV (perhaps called iTV although a problem for the UK) and we hope that some details of iOS 4 for iPad will be announced.

The new iPod touch 4 is believed to follow the lines of the iPhone 4 in that it will have a front facing camera and perhaps a retina display. The Apple TV is rumoured to go on sale for $99 and mention of a 99 cent TV show rental service is doing the rounds at the moment.

We have seen pictures of the iPod touch 4 screen previously. The video below shows the same but this time captured on video where a closer look at where the camera will be placed can be found. Of course having a front facing camera means that FaceTime will be made available to iPod touch 4 owners. Rather than using a phone number to make video calls, the new system is believed to use email addresses for accepting calls over WiFi.

Via: MacRumors and SmartphoneMedic


  1. I believe it’s confirmed that the apple conference is on the 1st of September..

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