Apple iPhone Might Also Land on Sprint This Year

Persistent rumours about Apple [AAPL] and the AT&T exclusivity contract ending have been circulating for a few weeks (or even months now). In particular, Verizon [VZ] has been the other phone carrier that is said to be getting the iPhone. We now hear that Sprint [S] might get the iPhone later this year also.

In the “totally unlikely to come true” department, yesterday I was told that Sprint will be getting the iPhone this summer. You heard that right, while rumors have long pointed to Big Red getting the iPhone this year, never has it been mentioned that Sprint would be selling the iPhone. I can’t believe this is true, although the source has been reliable in the past and does work for Sprint.

Since this time, we had also heard similar rumblings from a Sprint-connected source that Sprint was going to be readying for the iPhone later this year. Likely in the September timeframe — placing it in the same timeframe as Verizon rumors.

According to information found in legal documents about a month ago, the AT&T and Apple exclusivity contract was to run for 5 years starting mid 2007 and ending mid 2012, but we also heard that this was being challenged. If successful then these rumours are likely to be true although we won’t know for sure until Apple makes an official announcement which could happen as early as June 7 at WWDC.

Via: MacRumors

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