Apple iPhone 4G Spotted the Third Time

Well, we have another few images of the Apple iPhone 4G that appear to have come from a third leak. Previous leaks included the Gizmodo leak last month and the Vietnamese leak a couple of days ago.

This model is also a 16GB model and like the Vietnamese model, lacks the screws either side of the 30 pin dock connector. The Gizmodo phone was believed to be an older prototype as it still contained the screws just like the iPhone 3G and 3GS have.

Not much information has been provided about this particular leak, and perhaps we are looking at the same iPhone 4G that was photographed in Vietnam this week.

It’s certainly been an interesting month or so due the strange amount of leaks that have been found of the next generation iPhone. All should be revealed in the next few weeks when Apple [AAPL] are supposedly going to announce the device. All these leaks has led some to believe that Apple have actually planned the leaks for extra PR although we are not 100% convinced ourselves of this due to how much coverage Apple naturally get on their product launches. Either way, we “might” find out what happened in the future and how 2 to 3 next gen iPhone models were removed from the hands of Apple.

Via: BeGeek Original French version here.

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